Introducing vitae

Automate your CV with vitae

Mitchell O'Hara-Wild

For those looking to refresh their CV this year, the vitae package may offer a convenient and maintainable solution. The package leverages the power of R Markdown’s dynamic documents to help you create, maintain, and even automate your Résumé or CV. The package provides a growing collection of popular CV templates, with simple data-driven functions add entries such as your education, experiences, and accolades. As the CV entries can be generated from data, it integrates well with existing and…

useR! 2018 feature wall

Creating the hexmap feature wall for useR! 2018

Mitchell O'Hara-Wild

The hexwall at useR! 2018 features roughly 200 contributed R package hexagon stickers. If you’ve ever had difficulty aligning hexagon stickers in your slides or even on your laptop, you may appreciate the challenge of arranging hundreds of hexagons. Fortunately with R and a little bit of magick, we can substantially simplify this process.